Optimise your IT

Using nbn™ to boost your business

  • Time
    57 mins
  • Date
    Recorded November 25th 2015

The rollout of nbn means faster and more reliable speeds for businesses. We’re bringing in business experts to answer your questions on what this will mean in your business and how you can use it to better serve your customers.

See this On Demand Event which covers:

  • Making your existing technology work with nbn
  • How to set up a smooth transition to nbn
  • Experience from a customer that has transitioned to nbn

Watch a virtual site audit that provides vital information to see what your business needs to join nbn.

If the nbn rollout has been announced for your area, or you want to know how increased speeds can boost your business’ productivity, watch this On Demand Event now.

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Michael David
Director Internetrix

One of three owners/directors of Internetrix- a Wollongong, Australia based digital agency delivering high quality products and services in Digital Consulting, Online Performance and Website Projects.

Rob Hacker
Executive General Manager, Sales NBNCo

Rob has extensive telecommunications experience, specifically helping businesses maximise new technology. He will answer questions about the rollout of nbn™, what the different technologies mean for your operation, and provide you definitive answers about what nbn™ will mean to you.

Colin Neil
General Manager Offer & Launch (Acting), Business NBN Telstra

Colin has been helping businesses and people transition to new networks for over ten years. He will help you understand how to prepare for the move, what the common pitfalls are, and how to make the most of the opportunity.

Jeremy Liddle (Moderator)
Founder Capital Pitch

A Tedx speaker who has won many awards and author of the Book “From Idea to Start-up,” Jeremy Liddle believes entrepreneurial thinking is changing the world. He sits on the G20 task force for SMEs and Entrepreneurship, and regularly consults to various UN agencies, intergovernmental departments and NGOs.

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