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Navigating the Internet of Things - Australian businesses competing globally

  • Time
    1 hr 19 mins
  • Date
    Recorded November 16th 2015
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A unique opportunity to hear from a group of technology leaders streaming to you live from the Telstra Customer Insights Centre. More devices are connected to the Internet every day. Companies investing in IoT technology need to understand the importance of the service and whether that type of service makes absolute sense for their company.

Register for this exclusive on-demand event featuring British Technology innovator and the founder of the “Internet of Things” Kevin Ashton as we discuss: 

  • Realising the economic potential of the Internet of Things
  • What information services businesses now provide 
  • Insights from Data and analytics 
  • The shift from product to service and in the process gaining new- and potentially more loyal- customers 
  • Connection and convergence- how to ensure that your programs and devices are integrated 
  • Developments in IOT technologies for businesses

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Kevin Ashton
Author How to Fly a Horse

Kevin Ashton has a long history as a tech innovator and as an entrepreneur. He pioneered the sensor-based technology that powers smart energy grids and advanced metering — the systems at the heart of clean tech today. He even invented the name for this field “The Internet of Things” - one of technology’s hottest ideas.

Glenn O'Sullivan
City Lead Uber

Glenn has great insights on how companies such as Uber are able to gain loyal customers by integrating online technologies and connecting customers to assets not owned by the company.

Andrew Johnson
CEO Australian Computer Society

Andrew Johnson, with 14 years’ experience in professional member associations is passionate about developing, promoting and implementing professional standards whilst providing benefit to the Society’s member base of over 22,000 professionals.

Naomi Henn

Naomi has a strong tech background; from (as a co-founder) raising capital and bringing in-depth networks to the table to leading teams and driving product management traction.

Richard Morecroft (Moderator)
TV Personality

Richard is well known for his 20 years as the face of ABC television and his onstage interviews are entertaining and thought provoking. John Cleese commented to the audience after being interviewed by Richard - "This man is world class!”

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