Secure your business

Mobile security and why you should consider mobile identity

  • Time
    57 mins
  • Date
    Recorded March 22nd 2016
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A record number of data breaches took place in 2015 putting businesses and customers at risk.

With worldwide mobile adoption at approximately 6.8 billion and information being accessed anywhere anytime on any device, security is a real concern for everyone! Learn how to protect your brand reputation, customer relationships and internal business environments from mobile threats, through mobile security solutions.

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Claudia Warwar
Principal Cyber Security consultant Telstra

Claudia is a principal consultant and leads Telstra’s security consulting capability. Her focus is to help internal and external clients, understand and protect their businesses from cyber risks.

David Hall
Regional Mobile Identity Expert Telesign

David Hall is TeleSign’s Regional Mobile Identity Expert, with a specific interest in the intersection of Cloud, Security and Mobile. David’s role is to help Online Businesses and App Developers protect the integrity of their user’s accounts.

Jeremy Liddle (Moderator)
President, G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Australia CapitalPitch

A Tedx speaker who has won many awards and author of the Book “From Idea to Start-up,” Jeremy Liddle believes entrepreneurial thinking is changing the world. He sits on the G20 task force for SMEs and Entrepreneurship, and regularly consults to various UN agencies, intergovernmental departments and NGOs.

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