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Five knows of Cyber Security

  • Time
    49 mins
  • Date
    Recorded July 28th 2015

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When it comes to securing your business and protecting your customers, humans are the weakest link in your security chain. Educating your workforce can be as important as giving them the right technology.

Register for this on-demand event as Telstra's Rachael Falk covers:

  • Ways to help set up your people for success, while keeping your business safe
  • Identifying key assets that may be at-risk in your business
  • How to engage board and CEO leadership teams to better understand the intangible nature of cyber threats.

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Secure your business
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Rachael Falk
National Security Advisor and General Manager Telstra Security Operations

Rachael leads the Cyber Influence team in Telstra Security Operations. This newly formed team constantly looks for opportunities to raise awareness about the risks and challenges of cyber security to ensure that cyber security and privacy are front of mind for all Telstra staff. Prior to managing this team, Rachael worked on information security projects and led the Information Security Policy and Third Party reviews teams. Rachael was instrumental in building a suite of practical mitigation strategies to reduce cyber risk and she is also the co-author of the Five Knows of Cyber Security.

Justin Cleveland (Moderator)
Virtual Events Host Telstra

Justin Cleveland is the Virtual Events Host for Telstra Business’s Managed Marketing department. He has experience in media as a radio and television personality, coordinating media relations for a legislative branch of government, and running a non-profit industry trade organisation.

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