Liberate your workforce
Optimise your IT

Empower your workforce for competitive advantage

  • Time
    55 mins
  • Date
    Recorded August 12th 2015
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You know that now more than ever, your business has to be ready to act in the moment. But is your workforce mobile and agile enough to seize any opportunity? Find out through the Workforce Mobility Solutions on-demand event.

See how we helped Silver Chain change the way they do business and streamline how they deliver community health and care services around Australia. As a result they are now able to provide patients real-time access to specialist support and advice, greatly reducing the need for patients to travel for quality care.

Discover how to deal with one single partner to develop and deliver a complete, integrated solution for your business. And feel confident in a solution with integrated security services without unnecessary risk to your business.

Act in the moment and accelerate your business today. Watch this On Demand Event now by clicking the link below.

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Aaron Burt
Group Manager, Technology Services Silver Chain Group

An experienced IT innovator specialising in enterprise mobility, IT communications, customer centric support as well as business process efficiencies primarily in the health and community care industry. Aaron has successfully led Silver Chain through a national Workforce Mobility Strategy enabling a truly empowered workforce.

Gretchen Cooke
Director, UC and Collaboration Telstra

A sales management and business development professional with over fifteen years’ experience in the telecommunications industry across various domains of data networks, mobility, managed services and collaboration. As Director of Unified Communications, Gretchen continues to lead and motivate her team to partner with customers to co-create truly integrated solutions to meet business objectives.

Jeremy Liddle (Moderator)
President, G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Australia CapitalPitch

A Tedx speaker who has won many awards and author of the Book “From Idea to Start-up,” Jeremy Liddle believes entrepreneurial thinking is changing the world. He sits on the G20 task force for SMEs and Entrepreneurship, and regularly consults to various UN agencies, intergovernmental departments and NGOs.

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